Motormec Ltd provides various options when it comes to car servicing. The majority of car owners get a full car servicing once a year or every 12 thousand miles - usually whichever one comes first.

Car servicing helps to keeps your car running smoothly and to its full potential, also reducing the risk of breakdowns your car may have suffered if it was not serviced.

Even if you carry out car servicing at irregular times, car servicing can help maintain your car’s market value.


Complete Service:

Complete car servicing will ensure that all parts of your vehicle are checked by one of our qualified mechanics.

By servicing your car once a year it helps to keep your vehicle in good working condition and also helps to keep you safer.


Interim Car Service:

If you cover a lot of miles in your vehicle on a yearly basis, sometimes full car servicing once a year just isn't enough to keep your car running smoothly.

That is where our interim car servicing comes in. It helps to look after your vehicle in between your full car servicing.


Oil Change Service:

Having your engine oil changed on a regular basis helps keep your engine working correctly and will help you to get the most out of the vehicle for longer periods of time.


DPF Specialist Cleaning:

Fitted to modern diesel cars a DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter will require periodic cleaning to ensure that your car perfoms at an optimum level. Call Motormec today to ask how we can help you with this vital service.

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